About us

GREEN MINERAL is an Italian company that caters to:

  • Private companies
  • Investors
  • Municipalized waste management rsu
  • Administrators of metropolitan areas

proposing the following forms of collaboration:


A contractual agreement between a municipality (or other administrative body) and Green Mineral. For an initial fee and payment of royalties, Green Mineral provides:

  • an industrial patent
  • a brand name
  • know-how
  • style and design templates
  • adaptation to the 2008/98 EU directives, which require member states to achieve, at least, 70% of collection by 2020

Joint Venture

Green Mineral offers:

  • Production technologies
  • Sales and distribution channels
  • Research and development
  • Patents, trademarks and other intellectual property
  • Adaptation to 2008/98 EU directives, which require member states to achieve, at least, 70% of collection by 2020

Agreements with owners of abandoned industrial areas

Green Mineral proposes:

  • agreements with local partners in order to establish the recovery of inert waste with great benefits for all participants. We seek the use, for example, of abandoned industrial or abandoned military sites free of charge.

Direct benefits for

Municipalized waste management RSU, Administrators of metropolitan areas

  • The elimination of landfills which are detrimental to the environment, thereby following environmentally sound regulations nearly zeroing reclamation costs (annual expenditure forecasts).
  • The reduction of inert materials (currently being placed in municipal landfills), hence increasing life skills of the RSU discharge (urban solid waste)
  • Free of charge conferment of the waste produced (a type of agreement we have made in other cities, to be signed after activating an agreement). In practice, beneficial procedures and treatments would be done in conjunction with the municipality and therefore, would be governed an agreement to be signed.
  • The possibility to recycle glass and thus reduce landfill volumes and as such, lengthen landfill life.

Indirect benefits

  • The recruitment of direct and indirect staff
  • Eliminating a site to be used as a landfill, which is a social benefit to the environment. The elimination of a site being used as a landfill serves as a societal advantage
  • The reduction of disposal costs (if it is currently going to the municipal landfill) as well as the reduction of the cost of construction, which is advantageous for local manufacturers.
  • Reducing material transport paths, which is a major benefit to the environment as well as being a political consensus.
  • Less exploitation of raw materials from mining quarries, with less impact on the environment
  • Adapting to Directives 2008/98/EC, which set the target of 70% by 2020, which is likely to be offset by the Commission after 2020. (only Europe )