We are looking for partners for all the nations of the world, interested in technologies, designed to reduce atmospheric emissions that cause damage to all the inhabitants of this world.
To give wellbeing to all the inhabitants of today's Earth and to future descendants, FOR A BETTER WORLD.
The first project was carried out in 1999, starting from the car and vehicles of any size.
Every type of system sub-described today is patented in Italy, but we are ready to repaint in all the countries of the world.
The projects are adapted without limits to every need, all AUTOMATIZED, without any maintenance to the Zero Emission blast chiller and made entirely of AISI 316 l steel, of very long duration.
The annexes contain analysis, photos of the first NIK SERIES PWS 3, with installations in operation since 2003, without any replacement and maintenance of the system, filtering.
Copies of some drawings from the last series below, attached, are attached.
The technology can also work 24 hours a day, only with recycled water continuously purified and with limited energy consumption.
Moreover, it can produce energy directly in the plant in operation, accumulating the same energy for reuse directly, the next day.
You can use any type of fuel material, processing waste for the various processes, processing, to achieve, with NIK PWS ZERO EMISSIONS.
It has limited purchase costs, the price depends on the total amount of mc/h to be treated.
Maintenance is performed once or twice a year, only for the water purifier; It depends on the hours of daily work.
Automatically download all the polluting material that must be stored in special containers, with the possibility of being recovered for numerous uses, for other activities: building, etc ...
With the following technologies it is possible to produce more foods that nature has offered us many years ago, without pollutants.


Plants for every need without limits of Mc/h:
Some examples Food industry, restaurants, pizzerias, purification of boilers or wood-burning stoves, gas, coal, centralized heating for apartments, for apartment buildings, offices, department stores with any type of fuel, total elimination of EMISSIONS and unpleasant odors.
Boilers with natural gas, LPG, diesel, for industries and civil homes. Biomass plants, biogas plants, diesel and diesel, composting to produce energy or heating, I have dangerous industrial environments, which treat materials that cause, real disasters, even with loss of life.For safety for workers in steel mills, foundries, refineries, incinerators, coal plants, etc.
With the disposal of used tires, of any means of transport, with the recovery of diathermic oil is used by ships, as fuel, it can also produce, ELECTRICITY, without limits of working hours. .
The technology for the disposal of tires was made by Dr Vincenzo Granata.
Purification and recovery of oily vapors and fossil fuels, for any other need and situation
The technology is valid for operating environments of small or large companies, with no size limits.
I am at your disposal for more information.


Treatment of self, of cylinder capacity, gas, diesel, petrol, public transport and not, urban and suburban. Freights (public and private) mobility, too, for train locomotives, traveling all combustion stops all day in their stores.


Water purification, for drinking, without limits of Mc/h.
(depends on the need for condominiums, villages, towns and cities of any size).
Treatment also of 'sea water, with plant to be installed on ships, to go back to eating fish without POLLUTION... .
Treatment of emissions of ships, from cruises or tasporto unlimited mc / h to be treated.


The escape of the oil production vent gas is responsible for the pollution of the planet and the sea.

With NIK PWS SERIES 6 purifies the gas that do burn, on top of the vent pipe.

In addition, there can be benefits for the oil company and for the populations that are in contact with these pollutants; the oil may produce electricity with a gas combustion boiler, having upstream NIK PWS 6, downstream of the combustion boiler, NIK PWS SERIES 7.


Purification, of the gas coming from the fermentation of waste from the DISCARICHE, for the production of electricity.
Production of electricity or other, with the materials of landfills, using a shredder and a boiler suitable for combustion of any type of downstream material with NIK PWS 7, ZERO EMISSIONS.
Ferrous materials and metals can be recovered for other activities.
Asbestos is treated and recovered without causing damage to anyone, while even today we are carrying out long and expensive works to eliminate it.
It eliminates unpleasant odors and special waste, purifying combustion, downstream of the appropriate boiler, with the NIK PWS SERIES 7 ZERO EMISSIONI plant, eliminating costs and obtaining greater profits for the managers, with more revenues.
It also avoids the packaging costs and of all materials shipments to empty landfills.


Purification without limits of work environments, air intake, for large and small air conditioning systems.
The industry, marine, cruises, tourism, goods transport, also with a system to attach to these ships, you can also purify the water of the sea, during their journey.
Depending on the type of pollutant recovered, new manufacturing processes can be realized.
Attachments, photos, videos and analysis refer to the 1st NIK PWS 3 series.