Green Mineral

Recupero inerti


Green Mineral has taken a grand new step entering into the international arena. Green Mineral (an Italian company) has entered into an agreement with Abidjan to bring its zero waste process (patent pending) and its expertise to the Great Bridges region. The installation of a factory and the production of building materials in Lopou will foster a winning situation for all the parties involved. This collaboration materialized with the signing of an agreement on September 5th of 2018 at the Regional Council headquarters in Dabou.  

"This agreement is very important for our company and the Great Bridges region in terms of developing our project in this region. We are here to build factories. The initial phase has a dual function: recovering waste from demolition, then recycling and converting this waste into building materials. This shall serve to protect the environment. Additionally, our partnership will create jobs for people in this region and throughout the country,” stated Daniel Occhini, legal adviser for Green Mineral.


Treatment plant for fixed aggregates.

REUSE OF INERT GRANULES FROM DEMOLITION - A brief summary of the process

Recycled granules from construction waste are reused once they have been handled properly. The demolition of inert waste gains added value after treatment in advanced facilities with specific technologies in which such waste is not landfilled, but is rather reused after shredding and then placed on the market with the appropriate certification for reuse.

Based on the specific characteristics (technical, geotechnical and impurity content), they are valued to be utilized for construction in various ways. For example, such recycled products may be used for:

  • the formation of roads
  • the foundations, fillings and drainage for the construction of houses
  • the production of mixed cement for the paving of roads and highways
  • concrete mix with different percentages based on the class and origin of the recycled waste
  • the production of concrete blocks for containment walls (non-loadbearing for buildings)
  • the production of granules in bags for use in screeds as a base (before laying floor glue)

Activities of Green Mineral

  • Recovery and recycling of inert waste from urban areas, industrial, handicraft, infrastructures, etc., biomass waste and industrial process waste.
  • Crushing and sorting of other waste, such as demolition waste (debris), to obtain secondary raw materials (MPS).
  • Management of quarries for the purpose of exploitation and subsequent marketing of extracted or excavated minerals, mechanical equipment leasing.
  • Manufacture of intermediate products from minerals extracted or excavated, such as sand, gravel, stone or clay.